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individual design

100% creativity for big & small

You're never too old or too young to get creative. So get to the brushes and let's go! Bring your favorite patterns, colors and motifs on your DIY board. Of course, everything is allowed that pleases. The only rule: It should be unique. Do you already have an idea for your own personal wahuboard design?

DIY paint set: fun for the whole family!

Are you looking for an exciting project for the whole family? With our DIY paint set, you can design your DIY boards together, have a great time together and let your imagination run wild. In the end, everyone has his or her own individual board... and the family surf fun can begin.

DIY paints with organic certificate

With our DIY colors your board is guaranteed to be a hit. For one thing, they are certified organic and therefore ideal for children. On the other hand, they have an integrated sealant that makes your board artwork long-lasting. You can find all further details about the DIY colors in their technical data sheet.

Frequently asked questions

For whom is the paint set suitable?

The wahu paint sets are suitable for young and old. Due to their organic certification, especially children can paint with them without hesitation. The integrated sealant ensures that the board artwork lasts a long time without additional varnish.

What are the ingredients of the colors?

In the production of the colors we have made sure that they are child-friendly, natural & suitable for outdoor use. With Biofa we have found a paint manufacturer that produces the paints biologically & sustainably in Germany.

Can I mix the colors together?

You'll love it, because our colors are ideal for mixing - there are no limits to your creativity. In the instructions for use, you will find tips on how best to proceed when mixing in order to achieve an ideal color image.

Do I need to paint the board after painting to protect the surface?

No, you can save yourself this step, because the paints already contain a coating for the board. All areas of the board that you have painted are therefore protected. For the areas where the bare wood is visible, we recommend the wahu wood oil as optimal protection for your board.

How do I clean the brushes after use?

We recommend that you place the brushes in a glass of lukewarm water when wet and add a little washing-up liquid. Then knead the bristles properly to free all brush fibers from the paint.

With how many layers do I have to paint the board so that the paint covers well?

It all depends on how strong you want the colors to shine on your board. Usually, however, one layer is sufficient to guarantee long-lasting color intensity.

Is the DIY board painted or unpainted?

The DIY board is delivered to you unpainted. Due to the lack of varnish, you can give free rein to your creativity and design your board exactly as you want. Come up with exciting motifs and share the result in our Facebook - Community Group.

Is the wood of the DIY board sanded?

Our DIY board is sanded a little rougher so the paint will adhere to it better and your artwork will last as long as possible.

Become a part of the wahu community

Join the free wahu community on Facebook and connect with other wahu boarders. Show others your progress, get exciting trick ideas and DIY inspiration.

For each board sold we collect 1kg of ocean plastic from the sea

You always wanted to contribute to clean oceans? We have found a way how we can do it together. Together with Dominik and his startup Oceanmata we can free the ocean and the beaches around Bali from plastic waste. For every wahu balance board sold, we can directly collect 1kg of ocean plastic and thus clean nature from this trash.

So far we have been able to collect over 6000+ kg of plastic. Help us and become a part of this great movement with your wahu board. 🌊


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