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Balanceboarding has never been so easy

The ideal beginner set

You have never stood on a balance board and want to make your first attempts? The wahu beginner set of balance board and cork hemisphere makes it easy for you to get started and improves your balance in no time! The 100% cork hemisphere is ideal for beginners & can be used on both sides.

Steep learning curve guaranteed

Board set down, mount & have fun!

The cork hemisphere makes it easier for you to get on and is therefore particularly suitable for beginners. Whether with the flat or the curved side on the ground - the wahu beginner board incl. hemisphere promises 360° freedom of movement and fast learning success. Already after a few units your balance will improve. Balance fun for the whole family!

Have fun without risk

Made in Germany & high quality

Our award as Balance Board "Brand of the Year" and the fact that we have all our boards produced in Germany speak a clear language: We want to bring the perfect balance feeling to your home! In the category brand trust we were awarded test winner. This makes us one of the most trusted brands from 2022.

Already a balance board pro?

Frequently asked questions

Does the hemisphere come with the board?

Yes, the hemisphere is included in the delivery.

For whom is the wahu beginner board suitable?

Our wahu balance board for beginners is perfect for those who want to improve their sense of balance and still have little experience in balance boarding. With the hemisphere it is easier to keep your balance. Especially for families, boarding is a great activity to do together.

From how many years is the board suitable?

Age doesn't matter on the wahu board - everyone can have fun on it, so we don't explicitly impose any age limit here. However, since the board has a certain weight for stability reasons, children under the age of five may find it a little more difficult.

Up to what body weight is the wahu board recommended?

We recommend use up to 120 kg body weight.

How do I get access to the video course?

After you complete your order, you will immediately receive an email with your personal access to the video course.

Do I need a mat for wahu boarding?

A mat is not absolutely necessary. We would recommend a mat if you want to protect your parquet or laminate floor. Without a mat, scratches can occur on your floor. You can find the right mat here.

How do I get started with the wahu board if I have never stood on a board before?

Don't worry. With every order you get a free beginner guide. In the guide we explain how you get on the board and how you start to get a feeling for the wahu board. You will be able to stand on the board extremely quickly and start with the first tricks.
You are also welcome to exchange ideas and tricks with other wahu boarders in our Facebook community group .

How long does it take before I can balance board well?

You will notice very quickly that you are making progress. As a rule, real beginners need 2-3 intensive days of practice until they feel confident.

What material is the board made of?

Our wahu boards are made from 100% real wood. We are completely plastic-free, sustainable and extra durable.

Why is the DIY board cheaper?

The DIY board has no veneer and no varnish, which means that its manufacturing process is cheaper. It is also particularly family-friendly and is designed to encourage creativity - which is what we want to support with this prize.

Become a part of the wahu community

Join the free wahu community on Facebook and connect with other wahu boarders. Show others your progress, get exciting trick ideas and DIY inspiration.

For each board sold we collect 1kg of ocean plastic from the sea

You always wanted to contribute to clean oceans? We have found a way how we can do it together. Together with Dominik and his startup Oceanmata we can free the ocean and the beaches around Bali from plastic waste. For every wahu balance board sold, we can directly collect 1kg of ocean plastic and thus clean nature from this trash.

So far we have been able to collect over 6000+ kg of plastic. Help us and become a part of this great movement with your wahu board. 🌊


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