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Have you ever heard of stabilization exercises in handball training? If not, then you should prick up your ears now. With the right stabilization exercises, you can improve your handball game and prevent injuries. This targeted training of the body's core helps you to stabilize yourself perfectly, especially in rotation. Even a few exercises that you can easily integrate into your workout routine will strengthen your balance, improve your coordination and thus lead to a holistic strengthening. Sounds good? Then let's get started with stabilization exercises for your handball training.

Stabilization exercises - what are they anyway?

First of all, we would like to briefly explain what stabilization exercises actually are, or rather what they are aimed at. Stabilization exercises are neither part of normal strength training nor of classic fitness training. While these two mainly target your surface muscles, stabilization exercises are dedicated to your deep-seated core muscles. In other words, the muscles that lie directly against your spine and stabilize it - the segmental muscle system. You activate these small, short muscles through a minimal, almost invisible movement based mostly on just holding a position. This may sound easy at first, but it's actually quite difficult - as you'll see in the stabilization exercises for handball players.

Are there special stabilization exercises for handball?

Of course, stabilization exercises make sense for everyday life as well as for any sport. After all, you constantly have to compensate for imbalances and constantly use your upper body as a center of stability. Whether it's lifting your kids, carrying grocery bags, or biking to work. In the sport of handball, however, special stabilization exercises for handball training are particularly well suited, since a strong torso is essential for numerous movements. You use it for rotation and anti-rotation, for powerful throwing movements, jumping, tackling and much more. If your trunk is strong and perfectly supported by stabilization exercises for handball, your power transmission to the extremities improves immensely. Your game becomes more agile and effective. And your risk of injury is also reduced. So who still doubts that stability exercises are important for handball? No one. But which ones are particularly suitable? We'll show you now.

These 5 handball stability exercises you should do regularly:

There are some specific handball stabilization exercises that you can incorporate into your workout to achieve holistic core strengthening. It is important that you do these stabilization exercises for handball regularly. About two to three times a week, this type of core strengthening should be part of your training to achieve visible results. The time required for the stabilization exercises for handball is limited to about 15 minutes, so this should not be a problem for you. Our tip: Start slowly with the stabilization exercises for handball and give your body time to adjust to the new sequences. With time, you can then increase the number of repetitions. Here are our top 5 stabilization exercises for handball:

Stabilization Exercises Handball No. 1: Forearm Support (one-armed and with handball).

The basis of this stability exercise for handball is the forearm support, which you can also perform with one arm and a handball. The free hand performs passing movements to the front or to the side. It is important to always keep the supporting elbow vertically under the shoulder and to fix both torso and buttocks in the starting position. Caution: It is imperative that you counteract the wobbles that want to result from your passing movements with controlled stability. This will make you sweat profusely and effectively work your shoulders, back, abdomen as well as your legs. For the same reason, 10 to 15 passing moves are quite enough. After that, change sides.

Stabilization exercises handball No. 2: Forearm support (sideways and with crunches)

The basic exercise for strengthening the trunk here is the lateral forearm support, which we make even more difficult for you in the stabilization exercises for handball with the following movement sequence: Pull the upper leg slowly and in a controlled manner to the chest - without wobbling - and bring it back to its starting position in an equally controlled manner. Caution: During the movement, look forward and not at your leg. Your elbow is fixed vertically under your shoulder and your head is held upright as an extension of your spine. You can also repeat this exercise 10 to 15 times per side - for effective strengthening of back, abdomen and hips.

Stabilization Exercises Handball No. 3: Standing Balance

You probably know this exercise for strengthening the core, it is an absolute classic. For good reason, because it is simple and very effective. Move your upper body and one leg forward and backward at the same time, slowly and in a controlled manner. Extend your arms forward and remain in this balance position, of course without wobbling. Attention: With a mirror you can easily check if your upper body, buttocks and leg are really parallel to the floor. After about 5 seconds, return to the normal two-legged stance and now do each side in turn about 5 to 8 times.

Stabilization Exercises Handball No. 4: Single Leg Bridge

For the Single Leg Bridge, lie on your back on the mat with your legs hip-width apart. Now lift one leg diagonally upwards at the same time as your hips and torso, so that your upper body, your hips and your extended leg form a line. Attention: Your head remains relaxed on the floor. All the time your gaze is directed vertically upwards at the ceiling and not at your leg. Hold the position for about 5 seconds, then return to the starting position. You should be able to do at least 10 repetitions alternating per side in the beginning, maybe even 15 after a few weeks.

Stabilization Exercises Handball No. 5: Elbow Lift

So, and finally, here's a perennial favorite for you. The Elbow Lift might not be your favorite exercise, but it will make your back and shoulders extremely strong. To do it, lie on your back, stand your legs up and angle your arms next to your torso so that your forearms are pointing vertically up and your upper arms are on the floor. Note: It is best to do fists now, then you may find the exercise easier. Now press your elbows into the mat and lift your upper back, including your head, slightly off the floor. A few centimeters are enough. Keep your neck in line with your back. Even though it's hard at first, aim for at least ten repetitions.

For extra fun: stabilization exercises for handball on the wobble board

Are you done now? Then we have a great idea how you can finish your stabilization exercises for handball in a casual yet sporty way. As you may have noticed, the most important thing in handball stabilization exercises is not to wobble in case of imbalance. This challenge is also offered by a balance board, on which you can easily surf a bit. In doing so, you train your balance, your coordination, your core muscles and also your foot and knee joints. Of course, it gets even more interesting if you don't just wobble back and forth, but also catch handballs or even try out jumps, flips and tricks. On the balance board, you can simply let off steam a little after the rigorous stabilization exercises handball training, just as you like.

Our tip for your stabilization exercises for handball on the wobble board: With our wahu beginner guide, you will surely succeed effortlessly in your first attempts on your balance board. If you are already standing wobble-free after a few days, you will find many more balance board exercisesto try out. As a member of the wahu community you can even exchange ideas with like-minded balance boarders, use their creative input and become a balance board pro in no time. We look forward to seeing you!


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