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Balance board


It's time to improve your balance skills on the wahu board. Here you will find 6 exciting exercises for your personal next level! 🤙

Exercise 1:


Once you are secure on the board, you can try squatting. Point your feet forward and slowly squat down. You will notice that it is not so easy to keep your balance.

Exercise 2:

Roller table

The exercise is possible without a board. Stand with your feet on the roller and try to keep your balance. If you are good, you can also "run" with the roller or drop the board from your hand and jump up.

Exercise 3:


Position your legs as close as possible to the ends of the board. Now balance yourself completely at the ends.

Exercise 4:


Get on the wahu board and turn directly so that you are standing on the roller for a long time. This trick is only recommended if you can already stand normally on the board.

Exercise 5:


Step onto the wahu board normally. Then shift your weight to the back leg. With your back foot you are now standing exactly on the roller. You can now move your front foot back and stand with both feet exactly above the roller.

Exercise 6:


Stand wide-legged on the wahu board and kick the board backward with your back foot. While you are in the air, the board should spin on the roller.


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