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The answer is yes, but don't worry, we'll be a little clearer in a moment. To be honest, we'd like to dispel the myth right at the start that you choose a machine, work out on it every other day for half an hour, and in six weeks you'll be as slim as a horse. Unfortunately, that's not how it works. The good news is that you can achieve very good results with the help of suitable sports equipment for losing weight. As long as you pay attention to a few things and perhaps heed a tip or two from us. Let's find out together which sports equipment for weight loss is suitable for you.

Sports equipment for home: focus on losing weight

You can go to the gym or get active at home to lose weight - the sports equipment for losing weight is actually (almost) the same. In the gym, of course, there are many more and more professional fitness equipment to lose weight, but also at home you can set up well with a thoughtful list of priorities. In the end, it's up to you to decide which piece of weight loss equipment you want to move into your home. We will gladly introduce you to suitable sports equipment for losing weight and also evaluate it in terms of effectiveness, price and space. However, at the very end, when you have read all the information, numbers, data and facts, you should choose the right weight loss equipment for you based on your training preferences. Yes, spinning on an indoor bike burns calories effectively, but what if you don't like riding a bike? Then the good part will gather dust. It's better to choose the sports equipment for weight loss that you enjoy. Then you train rather, thereby more often... and burn more calories even with a less effective machine. So let's first clarify a few questions to find the right sports equipment for weight loss.

Target weight or target figure?

Before buying suitable sports equipment for weight loss, it is helpful to take a closer look at your training goal. Weight loss is easy to say, but is your goal really to lose weight or rather to improve the proportion of your figure? Losing weight with exercise alone is first of all very difficult and secondly, you don't necessarily look better afterwards - unless you build muscles at the same time. These give your body contours, shape your silhouette as well as your posture and make you look overall both toned and fit. Muscles, however, weigh in turn. That means setting a target weight as a workout incentive is a frustrating proposition. So our recommendation for you is: Instead, work toward a toned stomach, straighter posture or firmer legs... these are realistic goals that are good for your health.

Space-saving or always ready?

Now that we've clarified your workout goal, let's move on to your space constraints. If you're working out in a gym, you have a free choice of equipment. At home, however, you should think carefully about which fitness equipment for losing weight will fit into your four walls. Since there are now almost all sports equipment for weight loss in a foldable or otherwise space-saving variant, you will certainly find a solution here. This sports equipment for losing weight can be easily stowed away - but is then also out of your field of vision. Now the good old principle applies: Out of sight, out of mind. Do invisibly stowed devices really remind you to exercise again? If you have a lot of self-discipline, then congratulations and you can push your trampoline under the sofa in the future. If you need more of a "friendly reminder", then it might make more sense to always leave your weight loss equipment completely set up. This way, you can get started at any time, since you only have to overcome a much lower inhibition threshold.

Only the best or first look?

So, now we are already getting closer to the topic of sports equipment for weight loss. In a moment, we will learn more about the individual fitness equipment for weight loss and, of course, explain how you can design your workout with them. But before that, there's still one thing missing: the price. On the one hand, your new weight loss equipment should be of high quality, but on the other hand, it shouldn't tear a huge hole in your wallet. In addition, there is of course the question of whether you will stick with it and whether the sports equipment you have now carefully selected for losing weight will still give you so much pleasure in four months' time. A difficult decision. Therefore, we have two pieces of advice for you. Firstly, before buying suitable sports equipment for weight loss, take advantage of the advice of an expert salesperson, both online and offline. Secondly, take a close look at the mid-priced models. These sports equipment for weight loss usually offer beginners enough functions and keep within financial limits.

Which sports equipment is the best for losing weight?

Especially when it comes to losing weight, there is no such thing as THE best piece of equipment with which you will achieve 100% success. In principle, you can lose weight with all devices, especially in the mix. Therefore, it is not really useful to study complicated tables with calorie consumption data. Of course, you can roughly say that training on a treadmill consumes more calories than on a stepper. But training intensity also plays a role in calorie consumption. And your physical constitution. So let's just get rid of any numbers and rather look at what sports equipment is for losing weight and what exercises we can combine for sustainable weight loss success. Because one thing is certain: cardio training alone does not effectively burn enough calories. To really burn fat properly, you also need to train your muscles.

This is the ultimate weight loss mix:

You burn calories through endurance training like cycling or running. So while your energy intake remains the same, you create a calorie deficit that your body compensates for by burning fat. This works until your body adapts to these new circumstances, which usually takes six to eight weeks. Then you'll experience a kink in your curve and a training change is in order. So it's important not to keep your workouts the same all the time, but to combine as many different exercises and sports equipment as possible to lose weight. It's best to supplement your cardio sessions with strength sessions. These are primarily aimed at building muscle, but also burn a lot of fat. Because: Your energy consumption during training also depends on how many muscles you activate. So muscle building and fat burning are closely related. Yes, and last but not least, nutrition also has a say in weight loss. We'll take a detailed look at all three components - cardio training, muscle building and nutrition - in a moment.

Which sport burns the most fat?

Clear answer: any sport that is practiced regularly. In your cardio training, you can also use interval training for particularly effective fat burning. These are short, but very intense units that push you to your performance limit, for example when running. Don't just run for half an hour at one pace, but do three to four jagged sprints. This will help you break a sweat faster and burn more energy. Here come the top 3 cardio sports equipment for weight loss, with which you can try the interval training just described well:

Lose weight with treadmill or cross trainer.

When you think of cardio equipment, the first thing that comes to mind is a treadmill - the cardio machine par excellence. It's no different for us. But beware: What at first glance appears to be the easiest way to start and a promising weight loss option can quickly turn out to be a disappointment. Especially if you have no running experience, chances are good that you will adopt an unhealthy running style on the treadmill, which in the worst case can lead to health problems. In addition, many start out highly motivated on the treadmill and then quickly become frustrated because they have mercilessly overestimated their performance level. Running has a lot to do with technique. If this is not correct, it is difficult and hurts quickly, for example in the joints. We don't want to completely advise you against running on a treadmill, but only to highlight its downsides. If you already have running experience and enjoy running, a treadmill can be a great bad-weather alternative to outdoor jogging.

But maybe a cross trainer is also worth considering. It offers you the advantage that your arms are also activated and additionally the motion sequence is exercised in a guided manner. The risk of a "wrong style" does not arise as much as with the treadmill. Regardless of whether it's a treadmill or a cross trainer: When buying your new sports equipment for losing weight, please also make sure that it can be set to different levels. This way, you can start slowly and work your way up to the pro level. These successes, for example when you reach the next higher level, will motivate you immensely. Enjoy them!

Lose weight with the exercise bike

With indoor cycling you strengthen your cardiovascular system, increase your endurance and stimulate your fat burning. It is therefore a good choice to become fitter and therefore slimmer and firmer. You can just sit down on your exercise bike and start... well - almost. Your posture should be correct when riding, otherwise you risk tension, headaches or even knee problems. Here are five things to watch out for. Not only when you first get on your bike, but also every now and then:

  • Keep your back straight.
  • Your neck and head are an extension of your back, so look down at your handlebars at an angle.
  • Support yourself with your hands or arms, depending on the model.
  • Keep your shoulders loose. Do not pull them up, but always actively pull them down.
  • Never fully extend your knees when pedaling.

If you pay attention to this basic position, you can also listen to an audio book. This will distract you and make cycling that little bit more relaxing. If you are already an enthusiastic outdoor cyclist and own a cool bike, you can also use it for indoor training. Actually all common types of bikes can be clamped into a so-called roller trainer - so you save space and money when buying suitable sports equipment for losing weight.

Lose weight at home with a trampoline

Cycling is not your thing? Then maybe you'll get up to speed with a trampoline. When we talk about fitness equipment for weight loss, of course, we can not forget about this classic. For generations, it's been a lot of fun for young and old alike - and it's also highly effective: you burn a lot of calories while bouncing and also work out more than half of your muscles, including the deep ones. Our tip: To avoid just bouncing around on your trampoline, you can get creative input from exercise videos. Once you have a reasonably large repertoire of exercises, you can arrange your workout according to your wishes and continuously increase it. But make sure you don't just do the exercises that are the most fun. A workout should always be holistic and activate as many muscle groups as possible, regardless of which sports equipment you use to lose weight. And that brings us to our next topic, the second component in the weight loss mix - muscle training.

Attention: Don't forget muscle building!

If you rely exclusively on cardio sports equipment to lose weight, you may burn fat, or more precisely consume calories, but your muscles will be neglected. This is not a good idea, because your muscles are also effective fat burning machines - if they are there. But what strength sports equipment is there for losing weight? Or can you do it without? Losing weight at home without equipment is also possible, but it is much more difficult. By the sports equipment for losing weight you simply rather overcome yourself to do something. They stand there, "charge you".... and of course motivate you. Losing weight on an exercise bike involves more commitment than losing weight on a yoga mat. If only because you've spent a few euros on it.

All in one: the weight station

If you are a beginner looking for sports equipment to lose weight, especially for the aspect of muscle building, then you can either use dumbbells or therabands or a weight station. Both have advantages and disadvantages, not to mention the price, of course. Both options are versatile. Both dumbbells and therabands as well as the weight station offer you numerous exercises for the most diverse muscle groups - from biceps training to abdominal workouts. With the dumbbells, however, you should watch a few videos beforehand so that you can perform the appropriate exercises correctly. This is the advantage of the weight station, where all exercises are guided, such as arm or leg presses. This minimizes the risk of incorrectly performed movements. For this advantage, however, there is also a huge disadvantage: even the smallest weight station is too big for many homes. But even in this case we can help you.

Back-friendly training with the pull-up bar

If your apartment is too small for a weight station, then a pull-up bar might be a suitable alternative. It is very handy and still offers you effective training opportunities for muscle building, especially of course on the arms, abdomen and back. Various models for door, ceiling or wall mounting can be discreetly integrated into your four walls. However, please pay close attention to the installation instructions and the respective kilo specifications as maximum load before buying. In addition to the small price and minimal space requirements, the pull-up bar is also easy on the back. As you hang during the workout, your spine and intervertebral discs are relieved. Try it out!

The Balance Board challenges your deep muscles

Also worth a try is the balance board as a guarantor of sustainable muscle growth. Like the pull-up bar, it is handy, inexpensive, effective, varied ... and is also a lot of fun. The principle behind it is simple: The wobbly surface constantly brings you out of balance, which you then have to restore. To do this, all the deeper muscles are activated, which you often do not reach through "normal" muscle training. In addition, you improve your posture, your ability to react and your sense of balance on the Balance Board. From our own experience we can confirm: The high fun factor makes you wobble for a long time. Ten minutes quickly turns into fifteen, and thirty in no time at all. This way, exercising runs virtually alongside and is thus a good supplement to "classic" cardio and muscle training. Of course, we also have suitable beginner exercises and creative tricks for you. In our balance board community you can also exchange ideas with many surfing enthusiasts and celebrate your latest successes on the balance board. Our tip: With a wall mount, your balance board is always stored safely and stylishly.

And nutrition is also part of the weight loss mix:

Sports equipment for losing weight or not - if your diet is not right, you won't be successful. It's basically the most important factor in the weight loss mix, which is why we'll be dedicating a separate blog post to it soon. In brief, we would just like to say here: Generally speaking, as already mentioned, you need a calorie deficit to lose weight. Not a huge one, but something like 150 to 200 calories. This is the only way for your body to fall back on existing fat reserves and use them up. BUT: Your body also needs a healthy, valuable and balanced diet with good fats, fiber and vitamins. Fresh products that are prepared gently are the be-all and end-all here. Then your body will also get everything it needs to function well when losing weight - in sports and in everyday life.

Conclusion: What is the best way to lose weight?

Which sport is suitable for losing weight, or which type of sport makes sense for losing weight, or which fitness equipment can be recommended for losing weight, can be answered quite clearly: All the ones you enjoy! Otherwise you won't stick with it and the best training won't be of any use. Secondly, when choosing your new weight loss equipment, you should make sure that it offers you variety. A good mix of cardio training and muscle building is important as a home workout for losing weight, in order to make the pounds fall off in the long term. And of course, to give your body a firmer silhouette. Thus, the best sport for weight loss is clearly any varied workout, for example, a mixture of bike, trampoline and balance board. We wish you a lot of fun with the selection of suitable sports equipment for losing weight... and of course with your workout!


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