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Now you can express your creativity not only while boarding, but also with your board - with your DIY Balance Board. Of course, we already have cool board designs. But such a completely unique DIY balance board is of course something very special. Do you want to create your very own unique wobble board? Then just read on and learn what you need and how to proceed best, so that you can call an extra casual DIY balance board your own in the end.

Show your style on your DIY Balance Board

Let's design your DIY activity board together. It's easy, fun, and the finished DIY Balance Board is sure to be a showstopper. The board community will be all a-twitter, asking where you got your cool balance board. And you will then answer with a proud chest: I made my own balance board! Maybe you will become a trendsetter with your individual balance board DIY design and inspire many other wobble board lovers. Or you might even motivate someone to start balance boarding with your style. No matter how - it is certain that your personal DIY balance board will definitely inspire YOU. It's obvious: If you have made something yourself, designed it yourself, then a completely different connection develops. You will form a unit with your DIY Balance Board, you will become a dream team, so to speak. And with this special energy, this unique vibe, the exercises and tricks naturally succeed differently. Faster. Better. Try it out! Unleash your creativity and design your own balance board. We show you how it works

Your DIY Balance Board will be unique!

First of all, we have a few ideas for your personal DIY balance board design. We recommend masking your patterns or ornaments with masking tape. This comes in different widths, so you can add variety to your wahu DIY Balance Board with stripes of different thicknesses, for example. In general, geometric patterns are particularly easy to mask with this masking tape. For example, you can combine diamonds, squares and triangles to create a mesmerizing pattern. Try it out a bit and you're sure to get the hang of it quickly. A little tip: For safety's sake, tape off the side edges so that the paint doesn't run. Many DIY balance boards are made in a classic style and emphasize, for example, one side in one color, with a check pattern or stripes. With the checks and stripes, you can either work with one color or, of course, with as many colors as you like. Pastel tones, for example, go very well with the relaxed surfer style. But also really bright colors come across well and bring a lot of energy to your DIY balance board. We have also tried a lot and can therefore recommend working with chalk paint. This is easy to work with and dries quickly. Spray paint is also suitable for your DIY balance board, because it is also easy to apply and dries quickly. What you choose depends a bit on your DIY preferences. Some prefer to paint with a brush, while others have more fun spraying. It's your choice - both work and are ideal for your DIY balance board in a casual geometric look.

But you can also bring really delicate ornaments with a little practice on your DIY balance board. Get a pattern from the Internet and print it out. If you are artistically talented, you can simply draw your own pattern. Now you can transfer the shapes onto your board with a pencil and then either color them in directly by hand or mask them off with a very thin adhesive tape - depending on the pattern. How about some tropical colors, colorful flowers or even exotic animals? Or are you more the mandala type? Here, of course, a little more sensitivity and patience is required. We would personally color the floral patterns with chalk paint again, but for the mandala, depending on how intricate it is, you can of course also work with pencils. Acrylic pens are particularly suitable for this and are also available in numerous colors. Once you have finished painting, whether with chalk paint or acrylic pencils, you should seal your work with finishing wax. This protects it and makes it last longer. Additionally, a fine shine comes into play, which reflects the sun on hot summer days and provides the perfect feeling.... hach, there we come so correctly into raving. But back to the topic.

We are often asked whether the Balance Board Roll can also be customized. We would rather advise against that. Unfortunately, DIY is not a good option for your balance board roll, since you can't paint or spray it very well. Or to put it another way: You can paint or spray it, but unfortunately that doesn't last very long, because the roller is exposed to a lot of stress due to the constant movement and constant contact with the floor (or mat) as well as the board. In addition, you can hardly see the roller when boarding, so the whole effort is somehow not really worth it. Instead, concentrate on your DIY balance board and design its surface in your individual style. You can find more inspiration on our Instagram channel under "wahu Designs". Take a look!

Creativity on the board & while boarding

Before we get to the ultimate checklist for your DIY balance board, we'd like to take you on a little excursion into the topic of wood. This robust material is the basis for your artistic creativity on the board as well as for your trick creativity while boarding. In both cases, it depends on the quality of the wood your DIY balance board is made of. Let's take our wahu DIY Balance Board as an example: It is composed of twelve stable layers of wood and also has a surface made of scratch-resistant real wood veneer. This makes it robust for tricks and ideal for painting. We've already given you a few ideas for the creative design, so let's now move on to a few creative exercises and tricks that you can then rock on your unique DIY balance board.

You can find creative tricks for example in our wahu trick guide, which we are constantly expanding with new tricks. Our wahu community is also very active and always comes up with something new. This goes so far that there are even cats and dogs on the balance board! Have a look and let yourself be inspired. Our favorite trick at the moment is the Hippy Jump. Why? Because you can get creative while jumping. You stand hip-width apart on your balance board, find your balance and then do a small (or large) jump. Of course, it's up to you to decide exactly what it looks like. Just up and back down or with a little twist or leg twist... or what other idea do you have? We are very curious. Share your video directly with us on Facebook or Instagram.

Your DIY Balance Board Checklist

So, now you are fully informed and know all the creative aspects of your wobble board. Now it's time to get started. To make sure you don't forget anything, we've put together a little checklist for you. Here's what you need to create your own balance board:

Our wahu pro tip: Show off your cool DIY Balance Board even when you're not working out. With our wall mount, your individual DIY Balance Board becomes a decorative design element in your living room. If you are still unsure or have questions, whether about the DIY Balance Board or other topics, then you can of course reach us by phone, email or chat. We look forward to hearing from you!


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