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You want to get started with your new hobby, balance boarding, and learn the first balance board tricks? That's a very good idea ... but which balance board tricks are suitable for the very beginning? To make your entry into the world of jumps and flips as easy as possible, we've picked out the five ultimate beginner tricks. With our step-by-step instructions, you'll master them in no time. Let's get started right away with these super-smooth balance board tricks!

Have you mastered the basics?

Before we start with the first balance board tricks, you need to get the basics right. That means you should have "felt into" your balance board and you should already be sufficiently practiced at keeping your balance on your balance board. In our blog post about balance exercises with fun factor, we explain to you exactly which balance board exercises are suitable for this. The important thing is that the lightning-fast balancing works in your sleep, so to speak. It is the prerequisite for all balance board tricks, so our tip is: rather do one training session too many than too few.

Then you can start with the balance board tricks!

If you can keep your balance on the balance board even in deep sleep, then it's time for the first balance board tricks. Be sure to find a place where you have plenty of room to move. Some tricks you may succeed at first go, but of course you can also stumble sometimes. Our tip: For an even better rolling behavior and additional stability for all balance board tricks, the right base, for example, our balance board mat made of sisal. By the way, it also protects your floor from scratches, which is an aspect that should not be underestimated, especially in rented apartments. So - but now back to the Balance Board tricks. Are you standing well? Then here comes trick number 1!

  1. Telemark

The Telemark is visually very impressive and quite easy to perform. This makes it one of the perfect balance board tricks for beginners. Here's how it works: Start in the starting position on your balance board, i.e. in a hip-width stance across the direction of surfing. Balance yourself and then turn your feet 90 degrees so that you are now facing the direction of the surf. Perform this rotation slowly and in a controlled manner without wobbling. Once you are perfectly balanced in this new position, turn back to the starting position. Repeat this trick as often as you like, increasing the speed of the rotation.

2 Hang Five

With Hang Five you turn sideways from the start position - just like with the Telemark described above - and thus change the standing position on your balance board. But then it goes even further. You now move to the tip of your board and grasp it with your front foot. This requires very good balance, so don't be disappointed if it wobbles a bit. You can effectively counteract this with controlled movements and strong body tension. If the trick is too easy for you, there is also a small increase: try to stand only on the front leg.

Hang Ten

If you rock the Hang Five, then the Hang Ten is the logical consequence in terms of balance board tricks. It is one of the most popular surf tricks and of course you can be extremely proud of yourself when you master it on the balance board. You start with a Hang Five and then "simply" pull the back foot forward to the top as well. In this way, not only five, but a total of ten toes clasp the board during Hang Ten, hence the name.

Our tip: You can do all balance board tricks with your shoes on. But why not try out the barefoot version? It gives you a little vacation feeling and allows you to fine-tune your balance more directly. Ultimately, however, it is a matter of taste whether you prefer to train your balance board tricks "with or without".

4 Sit Down

From Hang Ten we come directly to the Sit Down. For this balance board trick it is important that your body's center of gravity is above the roller while you are standing on the board in the direction of the surf. Once you are balanced in this position, you slowly bend your knees. The easiest way to do this is to start by standing in the middle of the board. Then increase the level of difficulty bit by bit by walking further forward towards the tip of the board.

Our tip: If the sit down is still too wobbly for you, you can first practice it in the standard starting position, i.e. standing hip-width across the direction of surfing.

5 Goove

The goove is not so much a trick as a cool twist that serves as a basic variation for numerous other balance board tricks. Here you stand on the board in the normal starting position, but the roller is parallel under the board. This way you have to balance your board in a completely different way - a real challenge, but the rocker shape of our balance boards supports you well. If you master this level of difficulty in your balance board tricks, you are now officially no longer a beginner, but can continue with many more balance board tricks for advanced and professionals. We will tell you which balance board tricks are waiting for you in the next blog articles. So: Stay tuned!


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